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The composition Mitis recalls Vulcan, the mythological god of fire. The Roman tradition maintains that his name was related to some Latin words connected to lightning and flames. Mitis, on the other hand, is a name that attributes to the god Vulcan a much gentler meaning and valorizes his constructive actions. The Musique Municipale “Vulcania” of Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Strasbourg, commissioned this work to celebrate its 150 anniversary. The request was to compose a piece evoking situations and themes associated with the factory of Graffenstaden and the life of many of its employers who, at the end of the working day, devoted their free time and passion to the musical activities of the band “Vulcania.” The composition is divided into 5 continuing movements: I. “Reve” (Dream) II. “Mouvement” (Movement) III. “Passion” IV. “Evolution” V. “Emotion. The structure of the work follows an imaginary journey between two distinct and juxtaposed realities. The first layer is connected to the subjective and emotional sphere and represents the inner world of each worker, their individual sensitivities and personalities. These moments are described in the composition with the melodious and lyrical themes of the first, third, and fifth movements: “Dream”, “Passion,” and “Emotion”. The second layer evokes a reality of factory life: the dedication, struggle, and repetition involving every action that unfolds within a working day. This image, common to every worker, is musically represented by the repetitive dissonant patterns in constant crescendo that characterize the second movement, and by the call of a locomotive ready to depart in the fourth movement (“Evolution”, the title of the fourth movement, precisely symbolizes the evolution of the factory of Graffenstaden in building and refining locomotives). In general, the theme representing the inner world prevails in the composition. In fact, Mitis begins with the symbolic dream of one of the workers and ends with his emotional memories. (From the following link you can download the mp3 with background noises)
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