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Giuseppe Calvino

Giuseppe Calvino, born in Rovereto (Trent) in 1976, completed Performance Degrees in Saxophone (2000) and Percussion (2002) from the Conservatory of Music “F. A. Bonporti” in Trent. Subsequently, he refined his performance studies with French saxophone players Jean-Marie Londeix and Claude Delangle. In 2010, he graduated with a degree in Wind Band Instrumentation under the guidance of Daniele Carnevali. In April 2017 he obtained the Master's Degree in New Technologies and Multimedia and in October 2017 also the Master's Degree in Composition. Calvino is a member of the Representative Wind Band of the Wind Bands Federation of the Trent Province and has performed with various renowned groups, such as the National Italian Army Wind Band (Rome), the Orchestre d’Harmonie des Jeunes de l’Union Européenne and the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trent. Since September 2004, he has collaborated as instructor for Saxophone, Percussion and Musical Education at the Civic School of Music S.I.M. of Borgo, Levico and Caldonazzo. For the 2019/2020 school year he held the position of teacher of "Music Technologies" at the Liceo Musicale "Andrea Maffei" in Riva del Garda. He attended various masterclasses in Composition, Analysis, Repertoire, Instrumentation and Conducting led by Daniele Carnevali, Jan Cober, Fulvio Creux, Felix Hauswirth, Isaac Karabtchevsky and Hardy Mertens, to name just a few. On these occasions, he also conducted prestigious ensembles, such as the National Italian Army Wind Band, the Rundfunk-Blasorchester in Leipzig (D) and the Youth Orchestra of the Americas. In 2006, he graduated with the Triennial Degree in Wind Band Conducting from the Superior European Band Institute (I.S.E.B.) in Trent under the guidance of Jan Cober (NL), and, in 2008, he also obtained the Biennial Superior Degree. In 2006, he was the conductor of the Representative Youth Band of the Wind Bands Federation. In May 2012, he performed two concerts with the prestigious Stanford University Wind Ensemble (California), conducted by Giancarlo Aquilanti, and featuring his composition African Ritual. In March 2014, he conducted the Representative Wind Band of the Wind Bands Federation of the Trent Province on the occasion of the World Premiere of his multimedia and multisensory symphony "Music of the Muse", dedicated to the “Muse” of Trent. The work was performed in the museum with the performers placed on different levels of the building. Since January 2003, he has conducted the Youth Ensemble and the City Wind Band of Levico Terme. With this last formation, in 2004 he participated in the 7th International Wind Band Competition in Dunabogdány (Hungary), obtaining the highest score in its category with "Honorable Mention". In 2018 he obtained the 2nd Prize (1st not awarded) - Section A (Grade 1) at the 7th International Competition of Original Compositions for Youth Band “André Waignein - Città di Sinnai”, with the work “Of Tales and Love” and, in July 2019, the Third Prize at the II WASBE Composition Contest with the piece “DNA”.