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Lorenzo Pusceddu
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This composition was written to celebrate the Centenary of Foundation of the Wind Band "Giuseppe Verdi" of Vighizzolo di Cantù (Como). This ensemble, initially born as "Cycle Fanfare," eventually became known under the denomination of "Social Wind Band," as evidenced in its foundation act of May 15, 1913. The title "Bike Ride" thus acquires a very precise meaning: it explicitly recalls the socio-historical roots of the wind band of Vighizzolo, which was founded in a rural neighborhood at the beginning of the 1900s, where the bicycle often was the only available means of transportation, and music was the only possibility to break free from the struggles of work. The centenary history of the Wind Band "Giuseppe Verdi" was marked by the revision of three different bylaws, which has signaled important changes, such as the current name of the ensemble that was officially assigned in 1999. Three seems to be an important number for the ensemble, as three is also the number of the main concerts that the Wind Band performs in the arch of the year: the Greetings Concert in January, the Easter Concert, and the Concert for the Patron Saint in June. The strong link with traditional events, such as the Trophy of the Neighborhoods, which takes place every year on the day of the Saints Peter and Paul, encouraged the Wind Band "Giuseppe Verdi" to take an active role in the most signifying moments of its community and be present at civil, religious, and folkloric anniversaries of the municipality of Cantù. This strong relationship with traditions highlights also the festivities for the anniversary of the first century of the foundation of the band.
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  • Una garanzia. Si perchè con il maestro Lorenzo Pusceddu è una garanzia di successo, con questo brano riconferma la sua eccezionale dote di compositore eccellente per "ogni occasione" con questo brano ci immergiamo in un paesaggio campestre per un bella passeggiata in bici.
    Nicola10 February 2016
  • Ride Bike gustoso!!!
    Julo28 September 2019
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