Commissioned by Banda Musicale "Città di Staffolo" for the 20th anniversary of "MUSICA IN FESTA"
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Luciano Feliciani
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Partition et parties A4+ (24 x 32 cm)
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The wind band Banda Musicale "Città di Staffolo" commissioned composer Luciano Feliciani to write a piece to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Musica in Festa.” To compose this work, Feliciani drew inspiration from the many different ensembles that throughout the years energized this wonderful event with their performances. In fact, the piece is divided into five quite distinct movements:

1) The first movement, titled Fanfare and Theme, ideally represents all wind orchestras that performed on the summer stage of Staffolo. The main theme, first introduced in a majestic fanfare, soon transforms into sweet and expressive melodies in the wind and saxophone sections, and returns in all its splendor in the grandiose finale.

2) The second movement, a fantasia based on a Hungarian folk tune (Seprik a Vàradi Utczat), was written to honor the numerous folk groups and wind bands from Eastern Europe that participated in the yearly events of Musica in Festa.

3) The third part is a homage to all funky groups and swing big bands that have cheered and entertained audiences in Staffolo thanks to their modern and captivating rhythms. With this section, titled Funky and Swing, Feliciani celebrated the great American tradition that generated these musical genres.

4) The fourth movement, Adagio, refers to the lyrical melodies and sweet harmonies of the musical tradition of the Marche. It aims to portray in music the beauty of the Marche hills, the gentle landscape and the feeling of affectionate nostalgia that each person from this region feels when they are away from home. Imagine, through this music, laying your own eyes on a typical landscape of this land, with hills brightened by sunflowers in summer, blue waters at the clear horizon, and the bluish gray of the mountains at sunset. It is impossible, as the poet Giacomo Leopardi claimed, not to feel overwhelmed by this sea of sweetness.

5) The last movement is inspired by the Verdicchio Festival, which is held in August each year in Stafford. The undisputed star of this last section is the famous wine produced in the hills of the Marche, which warms and moves hearts as does the music of the Saltarello, here represented by a 6/8 rhythmic and cheerful melody elaborated from the folk tune "Il Canto delle Spigolatrici." Rich in effects and instrumental timbre, this last part of the piece recreates in music the atmosphere of vitality and cheerfulness typical of the Harvest Feast.

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