The composer has created a path between the 4 seasons. Each season includes 3 months. Autumn Tour is dedicated to the autumn months.
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Angelo Sormani
Young Band
Scomegna Edizioni Musicali
Full score and parts A4+ (24 x 32 cm)
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ES B1607.19A
Autumn Tour is a fun journey emphasizing the characteristics of fall. The piece follows the previous collections—Winter Tour, Spring Tour, and Summer Tour—and concludes the cycle of the seasons. The piece is divided into three movements:

I. October: Joyful Dance of the Leaves (Minor Seventh)
II. November, the Sweet Song (Major Seventh)
III. Bizarre December (Jumping on the Octave)

The composition begins with a sweet dance, which also allows room for some more intense and articulated rhythmic play. This is the joyful dance of the leaves, saturated with colors and movements, which characterizes the month of October. The November melody is suspended and nostalgic. The large descending intervals of the major seventh recall the imminent fall of the leaves towards Mother Earth and create the right conditions for rest after so much frenzy and movement.
The sparkling octave jump of December concludes the season of autumn and the entire twelve-month cycle. The swinging solos entrusted to alto saxophone and trumpet highlight the energy and vitality of this month.

General considerations for this project.
This musical journey across the four seasons is meant for both youth wind bands and ensembles looking for an easy repertoire to perform (degree of difficulty between 2 and 3). The idea behind this project was to create a link between a precise didactic path and the preparation of a captivating, stimulating, and enjoyable repertoire that aims to involve both performers and listeners.

The project includes the following four pieces
Winter Tour
I. The Night of January (Minor Second)
II. February, the Temple in the Distance (Major Second)
III. The March Elf (Minor Third)

Spring Tour
I. April Celebration (Jumping on the Major Third)
II. Moons of May (Perfect Fourth)
III. Diabolical Dances (Augmented Fourth)

Summer Tour
I. July: March & Beat (Jumping on the Perfect Fifth)
II. August Sunset (Minor Sixth)
III. September in Swing (Major Sixth)
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