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Luciano Feliciani
Concert Band
Scomegna Edizioni Musicali
Full score and parts A4+ (24 x 32 cm)
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ES B1505.22A
Via della Lana is a composition in which Luciano Feliciani, inspired by the musical traditions of that place, depicts impressions and emotions related to the territories of the province of Biella in descriptive musical writing. The piece opens with a rhythmic idea entrusted to percussion instruments in imitation of the sound of an ancient loom used to weave wool. An austere and majestic march that grows dynamically takes its pace from this initial rhythmic idea. It represents the tenacious, ingenious, and industrious development of the textile industry, the main activity of this area. The rhythm of the percussion instruments develops throughout the movement, accompanying the melody and reproducing, with some changes, the constant background of modern textile machines. The second movement is in the form of a slow waltz built on irregular meters. The sweet and expressive melody, which describes the beauty of the mountains and the nature of these territories, is rhythmically developed on irregular meters that reflect, in their internal subdivision, the typical ternary structure of the waltz. The composition ends with a cheerful, lively, and bright episode, which celebrates the achievements of the Biella textile industry, one of the first in the world for the quality of its production: a millenary wool tradition exported all over the world, which has become a pride of our country. This composition is dedicated to our land, to the people who lived it and made it noble; to those who with their entrepreneurship have made the creativity of our people famous throughout the world; to the workers who with their daily commitment made this fame possible; to our mountains, to our waters, which have honored and continue to honor us with their presence; to the musicians who wrote and dedicated their music to us, and to all those who played and sang it. Special thanks to the families of Enrico Sabatini, Antonio Jezzi, and Domenico Bovio. In future memory.
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