SUPERFONIK Hero of the Music

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Giuseppe Calvino
Concert Band
Scomegna Edizioni Musicali
Full score and parts A4+ (24 x 32 cm)
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ES B1282.18
Recorded on the CD
The composition “SUPERFONIK: HERO OF THE MUSIC” features some of the most engaging traits of a soundtrack. Listeners will be able to freely unleash their imagination and share the adventures of the three main characters, each clearly represented by a musical theme. Superfonik, Hero of the Music and leading character, must intervene to rescue Princess Melody whom the wicked Syncopus has abducted and imprisoned. Princess Melody, here portrayed by the sweet sound of the flute, is abducted in the first part of the piece. The rest of the ensemble, in a progressive crescendo and with an increasing juxtaposition of dissonances, reprises with a syncopated rhythm the pitches of her melody until, at the end of this first section, it has completely disappeared within the menacing sonorous mass that anticipates Syncopus’s arrival. Syncopus’s theme, built on the chromatic scale and performed by the trumpet section, presents four ostinato patterns of different lengths (the first has three measures, the second two, the third one, and the last four) each based on a different syncopated rhythm. Once he hears about the abduction, a fearless Superfonik sets up to face the enemy and liberate the princess. Some energetic “Power Chords,” i.e. resounding chords without the third degree that represent the super powers of our hero, precede the heroic Superfonik’s theme, which is characterized by long sustained pitches followed by ample melodic curves describing his agile evolutions in flight. It’s time for the showdown: Superfonik and Syncopus face each other in a ruthless, no-holds-barred fight. As it happens in a frenetic film sequence, the attention keeps shifting between Superfonik’s shots, highlighted by his Power Chords, and Syncopus’s attacks, underscored by his theme’s ostinato fragments. Tension is increasing as the attacks intensify. The epilogue is near! Superfonik prevails and a last Power Chord, the loudest of them all, decrees his unbeatable supremacy and the unambiguous victory over Syncopus. Once again, Good triumphs over Bad, and Princess Melody, now finally free, can shine in all her beauty. Mission accomplished! Now, though, it’s time to move on ... Somewhere else in the world, someone needs the help of Superfonik, Hero of the Music!
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  • Ottimo brano Ottimo brano per banda giovanile con la sensazione di assistere ad una battaglia tra supereroi. Musica avvolgente e trascinante anche per il pubblico, condito da un alone di mistero in certi punti.
    Alessandro Vinci17 August 2020
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