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Enrico Tiso, Luciano Feliciani, Cristiano Pieraccini
Young Band
Scomegna Edizioni Musicali
Full score and parts A4+ (24 x 32 cm)
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ES B1616.19A
Il Cancello del Drago (Enrico Tiso), Il Tamburino Sardo (Luciano Feliciani), Festa a Corte (Cristiano Pieraccini)
The Evolution Series Vol. 12 booklet contains 3 pieces participating in the 1st International Competition of Original Compositions for Youth Band “Piccolo è bello” - Section B, reserved for grade 1,5 pieces.
"Il Cancello del Drago" is the winning piece, "Il Tamburino Sardo" was recommended by the Jury, while "Festa a Corte" was selected by our Publishing House.

The Yellow River, also called Huang-He, is the main river in northern China. An ancient legend tells that in the upper course of the river there was a waterfall called the Dragon's Gate. Its waters rushed from a great height, faster than an arrow shot by a strong archer. Thousands of carp gathered in the basin below hoping to go up the waterfall and the one that would succeed in the enterprise would then turn into a Dragon. But some were swept away by strong currents, others fell prey to birds of prey, and still others were caught or struck with darts by the men lining up on both sides of the waterfall. It was really impossible for a fish to go up the river. But one day, to their amazement, the inhabitants of the neighboring villages saw a beautiful Dragon flying in the sky. "Look ... It's wonderful!". A brave carp, in fact, thanks to his strong will and determination, had managed to forcefully climb the waterfall avoiding all the dangerous pitfalls.
This legend is often used as a metaphor to encourage people to achieve their goals even when they seem impossible to us.

IL TAMBURINO SARDO by Luciano Feliciani
Il Tamburino Sardo is a story taken from the Heart Book by Edmondo De Amicis. The protagonist is a fourteen-year-old boy enrolled in a detachment of the infantry regiment of the Italian army, during the battle of Custoza in 1848. In the midst of the harsh siege, the captain decides to send a request for help, written in pencil on a paper ticket, to the nearby allied army. The choice falls precisely on the little Sardinian drummer, because, slender and minute, he would certainly have run more easily across the fields. The young man boldly launches into a race against time through the Austrian fire and when all seems lost, the Italian Carabinieri arrive to help the detachment. The next day, in a field hospital among the wounded and dying, the captain meets the drummer lying on a bed. Surprised to see him still alive, he asks him about his health and the boy, proud of having done his duty, pulls off the blanket revealing the stump of his amputated left leg: his sacrifice for victory. The captain, then, staring at the boy with emotion, raises his hand to his head and, taking off his hat, exclaims: «I am but a captain; you are a hero ».
The music, of an epic nature, describes this beautiful story by entrusting the drum and percussion with the guiding rhythm above which a passionate and compelling melody unravels, aimed at underlining the heroic gesture of the story.

FESTA A CORTE (COURT PARTY) by Cristiano Pieraccini
King Boerio's council of wise men was in a state of excitement. How to avoid war with the kingdom of Sebonia? A battle on the field would have wiped out the small army, made up of five knights and numerous peasants, but not used to the arts of battle. Granting riches and territories or lowering the valiant flag from the castle and accepting to lose independence? In the general silence, Totemio, the court composer, rose from a dark corner and said: "If you can't defeat them, let them become your friends. Let's flatter King Sibelius! As a sign of friendship between realms, let's invite him and have a court party. a triumphal march to accompany his arrival, he will feel flattered. Then let's make him drink sincere wine from our vineyards and dance to my music. He will forget, immersed in sweet notes, his warlike intentions ". The council roared, mocking the composer, but King Boerio thundered in a grave voice: "Totemius, wise among the sages! May Sibelius think he is the greatest and most loved among the rulers. For the good of my family, I trust to your art ". And so it was.
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