Georges Sadeler | Compositori

Georges Sadeler

Georges Sadeler, born in 1988, is a Luxembourgish composer and saxophone player of the Military Band of Luxembourg. Already in young years, his interest in composing and arranging was aroused by his father and later by his two teachers Marco Pütz and Claude Lenners, both teachers at the Conservatory of Music of Luxembourg. So after his studies of harmony, counterpoint, fugue and orchestration he finally continues with composition.

His first steps in arrangement and assignments for several marching and Wind Bands marked the emergence of his own style. Exploring the vast possibilities of both contemporary and classical music became his new focus and he’s very interested in creating new sound colours and techniques for various line-ups.

In 2017 he won the First Prize of the 4th International Composition Competition “Artistes en Herbe” Luxembourg 2017” in the section “Senior” and in 2021 the First Prize of the 6th International Composition Competition for Marches “Citta di Allumiere” in category A “Concert March” and the First Prize of the 1st International Contest of Original Compositions for Youth Bands “Piccolo è bello” in category “Grade 0.5”. Then in 2022 he won the First Prize of the “3rd Composition Competition for Youth Bands (Trento)” in category B “Grade 2” and the First Prize of the “International Contest of Composition for Band “Hymn of Valcamonica” in Breno. Later in 2023 he won the First Prize in the 5th "International Competition for Band Composition Angelo Inglese" in category B (symphonic march).

Since then, his works are played throughout Europe.